Japanese mom sex with boys when checking their homework


At noon, a person was bored at home, Dad went to work, and my Japanese stepmom and sister went out shopping, leaving me alone at home. Before leaving, my mother said that I had to check my homework when I went home. I looked at the math assignments left by my mother. I want to die. Except for the unfair treatment of the pain, I only have to do the problem silently.


When I was in a desert, I remembered that they were a family. I remember that the last time I saw Otano was four years ago. When my grandmother passed away, Seiyo came back from the north, but she did not see her husband and son. Now I want to come, the contradiction of Otano’s family must be massive. However, it is difficult for me to understand the situation. I still remember that Xiao Yan’s looks were similar to her mother’s, and her height was identical. She was wearing a black coat and stood with her mother that day. Anyone could see that they were a pair of sisters. As for Qin Shu, I didn’t have a deep impression on him. At that time, I was only six years old. What kind of person is Qin Shu?

“Bell…” The home phone rang.

I picked up the phone and said, “Hey.”

“It’s me.” The voice was tender, and there was some impatience in the tone. I immediately heard who was coming.

I am a little excited. “The boy is good, and there is progress, I heard my voice so soon.”

“Hey. You have to remember what good things you said.”

“Of course, of course. You can’t miss you. Call your sister to answer the phone.”


Calling me is Chen Yi, a second child who still feels like a child who is not yet dry.

Of course, he is just a middleman; the focus is his sister, my little girlfriend, Chen Jing. Because there is no mobile phone, so if you want to contact each other, Chen Yi’s role will come only by preventing the mother or dad from receiving a phone call. He plays the role of my friend, so even if My stepmom and Dad receive a call, there will be no problem. When I received the call and later sneaked into the column, I could safely exchange feelings with Chen Jing. The sentiments of Chen Jing and her brother are desirable. If I told my sister that I have a girlfriend, then there would be no more.


“Hey.” A simple word is like a singer, and he turns people.

“Xiao Jin.” I used to call her like this.

“Kimiko.” Although I don’t like others to call me like this, really, except Xiao Jing. Xiao Jing said on the other side of the phone: “Is there any free this afternoon?”

I hesitated a bit, but that’s why, let’s go out and leave me alone at home, I like to say “Yes, there.”

“That’s great.” Xiao Jing was pleased. “You can help me get an email at the post office.”

“Amount?” I petrified.

“what happened?”

“No, nothing.” I have a nose and a tear in my side. Sure enough, I am an oppressed class in front of anyone.


I barely smiled, “small.”

“Great. I know Kimoko is the best for me.”

“Oh.” I just laughed.


I followed the details of the email. When I hang up the phone, I have an illusion: I am tired, and I feel that I will not love again.

When I went downstairs, I slammed my foot against the broken iron door on the third floor.


Outside the hot sun, only came out for a while, and there was a lot of sweat. The more I think about it, the more I think it is wrong. This email is too suspicious. It is a post office far away from Xiaojing. Oh, forget it, feeling so much is a waste of emotion anyway. Regardless of which post office it is, I am running the leg anyway. If you take out the mail, you will not be finished.


Is it possible to mail the bomb? Uh… maybe it is possible.

So I thought about it, I copied a shortcut, turned left and left in the alley, and buried my head. Suddenly a hand pressed on my shoulder. “This road doesn’t work.” I looked up and spoke, a yellow-haired young man, who should be a little punk. The yellow hair was stuck in a lane and looked at me very arrogantly. More than one thing is less than a job, I am preparing to walk around; there is a familiar voice next to me: “Tianxi, how are you here?”

At this time, I noticed that there was still a person standing behind the yellow hair. The height of the arm was extended, and the body was healthy. It was not the road star.

Huang Mao asked: “Do you know?” Lu Xing said: “He is my friend.”

Huang Mao asked me, “Oh. Who are you mixing with now?”

“I didn’t mix with anyone.”

“People are good students.” Lu Xing said with a smile.

Although I am not the same as Lu Xing, since I first moved to the existing residential area, we have been playing until now, it is an iron buddy. I also know that Lu Xing is always mixing with his cousin. It is said that his cousin is mixed up on the underworld. Look at this posture; there must be a fight inside the alley.

Lu Xing asked me: “Yes, you haven’t said how you came here?”

“I have to go to the post office to get something and get closer.”

“Is the post office not at the door of the community?”

“It’s hard to say a word. I think I have to make a detour.”

“Wait, you follow me.” The road star gestured to follow me.

“Can you?” I still have some taboos about their affairs.

“Nothing.” Lu Xing said very quietly.


I followed the road star and walked in. Huang Mao gave me an in-depth look, then turned and continued to stay at the alley.

Lu Xing, their people, are around the corner of the alley. When they pass by, they see a sly young man picking up the steel pipe in his hand, making a violent force, smashing a semicircle, a deep muffled sound, and a man fierce The cry.

I couldn’t help but see the man who fell to the ground. His face was full of blood and rolled on the ground. I thought that his legs were abolished. Another man kneeling on the ground suddenly stared at me, and I took a step back. At this time other people also noticed me.

“Who is he?” Someone looked at me and asked.

“One of my friends. He just passed by.” Lu Xing replied quickly. Lu Xing pulled me and said, “Go ahead.”I nodded suddenly.

Out of the alley, I am a little bit sorrowful, always feel that something is wrong, but can not remember maybe just because the man’s eyes made me a little uncomfortable. I was very depressed when I contacted all the broken things all day. I hurried to the post office, and the postmaster gave me an email. The mail is flat in packaging and is about 30 cm long and 20 cm wide. What is it? I read the list posted on it, and the recipient wrote “Tianxi”.I quickly looked at the sender, and the words “Chen Jing” were a bit dazzling. What the hell? I slowly read the words on the sender’s address: “The 14th Street, No. 13 Street, Eternal District.” The crowd watched the crowd and squeezed over to me.

“Young man, what about you?”

“The young people are fascinating now.”

“Mom, what is the big brother’s hand?”

I ran a red face and ran out of the post office.

When I got home, the time I left was nearly an hour and a half. My stepmom and sister have not returned yet.

I went back to my room and locked the door. Put the mail on the table and carefully take it apart, showing a white T-shirt in front of me. I opened the package and took out the T-shirt with some cute animals on the front and a big half love on the back. Couples… I flashed the word in my mind.

There are a few photos and a letter in the mail. The message on the message of Juan Xiu Xiu makes me look like Xiao Jing. Reading the letter and watching the photos, I remembered that today is the day I confessed to Xiao Jing last year.

It turned out that Xiao Jing, she valued this anniversary. I suddenly regretted the unhappiness that I had just revealed when I was on the phone with Xiao Jing. The letter written by the reader Xiao Jing, it feels like candy is in my heart, and the thick sweetness almost makes me unable to breathe. Most of the photos are Xiao Jing’s photography. Xiao Jing likes photography since he was a child, and his father is a photo studio. It is not unusual for Xiao Jing to take such beautiful photos.

The last photo was taken in the previous year when I was dating her at the playground. Looking at the people above, for the first time in my life, I had to use my experience to protect one’s impulse.

The next days are so bland, except for playing basketball with Lu Xing, I have no other outdoor activities. All this is attributed to the care of the mother, as well as the strictness of her sister. The plan to date with Xiao Jing is also ruined.

One morning before the start of the school, the guests finally came. My stepmom took him back from the train station.

His luggage has only one suitcase. The first sentence he walked into the house was to say to me: “You are Kimiko. The aunt on the road has been telling me that I want to learn from you. Please advise me in the future.”

I don’t know why he gave me a feeling of evil. I don’t like it. Is this the Qin tree that used to bully me? The height is almost the same as me, the skin is a little dark, with a short inch, and a face that I can see in my opinion. I just faintly said: “Hello.”

Qin Shu showed a strange smile. Instead, say hello to my sister: “Hello, cousin.”

My chubby mature mom said to the side: “Qin Shu, you must be hungry, come and eat. I have already given you a good meal. Kiki, you go to bring the food up.”



“Thank you, Auntie.” Qin Shu pointed to the suitcase and said, “Auntie, where is my luggage?”

“Just put it in the small west house.”

“Hey?” I stumbled.

Didn’t wait for me to say anything, my mother went up to drag the baggage of Qin Shu, Qin Shu quickly kept the luggage behind him, “Where dare trouble aunt. I come.”

“Where is it. Give it to me. You have been tired of the train for one day and one night.”

When the mother stepped forward, she wanted to take the suitcase over. The left hand grabbed the handle of the bag. Qin Shu followed the grip on the mother’s side and grabbed the handle. “I am so embarrassed to trouble aunt, or come by myself.”

“How is your child so embarrassed.” My stepmom tried to drag it, but Qin Shu kept holding it, and the hand that was placed on her mother’s side should be trying to open her mother’s side and kept moving. Boring story, I didn’t bother to look at it again and went to the kitchen.

When the mother saw a hand and did not use it, she subconsciously extended the other right hand.

“Auntie doesn’t want to.”

Qin Shu stretched out a hand and pressed it on his mother’s shoulder. Mother couldn’t stretch it. “Qin Shu, how can you refuse the goodwill of Auntie?”

Qin Shu panicked and moved the hand on her mother’s shoulder. “Auntie, really don’t, let Qin Shu come by himself.”

“Listen to the aunt’s words!”

In this deadlock, Qin Shu’s left hand suddenly slipped from his shoulder to his mother’s delicate breast. Qin Shu’s left hand just covered the mother’s petite breasts, and the sensitive nipples were firmly squeezed and pinched. The intense stimulation made the mother almost chop out, and the conditioned reflexes took out the left hand, but it was Qin’s The right hand can’t be pulled out underneath. An electric current is transmitted from the rich milk to the whole body, stimulating the brain. Besides the father, the mother who has never touched the breasts of other men forgot to react. Qin Shu mouth horns slightly upturned, gently twitched twice according to the rich milk, although through the bra, but the comfortable feel still let Qin Shuru fall into the clouds.

Before the mother recovered, Qin Shu quickly released his hands and even apologized: “I’m sorry, sorry. I am damned.

I am damned.”

“What’s wrong?” I walked out of the kitchen curiously.

Qin Shu seems a little confused, “I just…”

“Nothing.” My stepmom interrupted at this my step moment. My stepmom kept her hands on her chest, that is a Japanese mature seduces signal? But I didn’t care much, but I saw that the suitcase was still at the door. I was a little dumbfounded. “Just a suitcase.”

“Auntie, let me come.” Qin Shu looked at his mother with a severe look. But I always feel a little strange.

Mother looked at Qin Shu and nodded slowly.

When I was eating, my sister was very active in asking Qin Shu about various problems. My mother was unexpectedly silent, and there was nothing to say. After dinner, Qin Shu rushed to help her mother wash the dishes, my sister was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and the sister who was so lazy to do so was enjoying the blessing.

After finishing the housework, I should go to the school to report it. When I packed up the right things, it was 1:30 in the afternoon. My mother drove my car, my sister and Qin Shu to school.

My sister also graduated from this school. This time it is to revisit the alma mater and recall the time of the year. Qin Shula is familiar with the campus environment. My mother said that Qin Shu’s procedures had not been completed. He is temporarily unable to come to school. I asked: How long will it take? My stepmom said it would be swift.

After dinner at the school cafeteria, it was time to say goodbye to my mother. Looking at my mother carrying my sister and Qin Shu home, I was envious and hateful.

The people in the dormitory have all come together, and everyone has not seen it for a month, as if there are endless words. There are four people in our apartment. Everyone is born in a year, so there is no concept of brother-in-law. I slept at the shop and slept in my lower bunk called Liu An, a chubby literary youth, especially for the German art pair. Kenora teacher is very interested and is a rich second generation. The different shop is called Zhang Seiyo. It is an ordinary youth. It belongs to the type of dead reading. The lower bunk of Zhang Seiyo is Du Wei, a sports athlete. I heard that he originally intended to focus on sports specialities, but the parents at home are not dead. Agree.

There are more topics to talk about, and there are times when the mouth is numb. Initially, I wanted to find Xiao Jing, but I don’t know why, I want to see her, but I can leave the door and return. Everyone was tired of talking, and they were sorting out their daily necessities. I came early, and my mother helped me. I had already done it well. Am I thinking of my mother, what about the family now? My stepmom and sister and cousin Qin Shu at home, Qin Shu’s luggage in my room, should sleep in my room. Fortunately, I was prepared, and my privacy was locked in the depths of a box under the bed. So don’t worry about being discovered.

But what do they do at home? Sitting and watching TV together? The three of them should not see a quick go.

Or is my mother counselling Qinshu? The progress should not be as fast.

In the end, I couldn’t help but get the urge to pick up the phone in the dormitory and call the family at a familiar number.


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