Momy Sexy or Momy Sex

This is the post excerpt.

Like many boys in adolescence, I slowly grew up on the Internet.

There is also a plot of “love”, and I think almost every man has more or less puberty.

“Oedipus complex.” And because of my excellent academic performance, my natural learning ability is powerful, and I quickly became a “love mother.”

The plot is understood to the point of “quasi-experts.” For example, Bosco’s “On Mother and Child Sexual Feasibility and Must

I want to be sexual,” I thought it was OK to write. After all, the boy only had a mother during puberty, so the mother was appropriate.

It is not necessary to help your son release the pressure of puberty. This is called no way in a unique environment.


After all, during adolescence, if you are always squatting, it does not affect the body’s psychological impact. But domestic

Education teaches us that youth should be based on academics, but not in love. This is going to drive people crazy.


Therefore, in China, most of the boys in adolescence are squatting, so Bosco will write this.

Kind of article. But now, in my opinion, it is still closer to the original nature of Europe and America. It should be in adolescence.

Love, it is time to make love, it should be released, so European and American men do not exist during puberty to help the mother solve the physiology

The trouble is up.


Now, I can understand that Bosco’s article of “big and bad” is not justified.

I don’t feel completely irrational.


Also, such as the “hereditary attraction” that Europeans and Americans say, etc…


Of course, there are real people in Europe and America. The mother is willing to give birth to a child and vows to talk to her son.

There is genuine love between them.


It will be more complicated to explain here, so I will not talk about it here. I will mention these things slowly in the future.

Situation. And the reason why I wrote so much in the first chapter because I was like everyone, the “love mother” plot

Both excited and panicked, I feel that I can’t help but feel eager to get it.


I think if there is a “love mother” plot in this area, I feel that I should not be afraid, but should understand

It, know it. Only when you know what you know, will you know that “love mother” should not have it,

The bottom is not suitable for yourself, is it a “love”? Or is it just physical loneliness?


Of course, these words can be said clearly in a few words, but I have been with everyone for many years.

Only slowly became clear; I will gradually show this process.


After talking about myself, of course, you should talk about your mother, around 2010, the mother is only 40

Not enough, the name is Zhang Ju, a very old name, and my dad is married at the age of 24, my mom is two years younger than my dad, my Japanese mom.

The face is not beautiful, but it is not ugly. It is a kind-looking type. I like to eat chilli, so the skin is perfect fast four.

Ten years old, but it doesn’t look ancient. Also, I like to eat chilli, I don’t know why it is pepper.

Still, genetic mother, we put the two arms together, if you don’t look at the head, you think it’s two women.

The arm. And my chubby mature mom’s character is no different from that of ordinary second-tier women.

Go shopping, and occasionally play mahjong. The character is ground by the years and can’t be more ordinary.


And my dad, it’s a big older man, his temper is more violent, and he is a bit selfish, even in the New Year’s Eve.

To make a few arguments, I also thought the same as all the boys. At that time, I felt that when I grew up, I must do one.

A good man who loves his wife.


In short, during my adolescence, my father and my mom always quarrelled for the big things of sesame mung beans.

I am even more unable to learn with peace of mind, and often I go to my neighbor’s house to play.


And this is a matter of the play. People are like a wild horse during adolescence, if they are at home all day, or

Just staying at school, that’s a problem. But if you wander outside all day, you might be in trouble.

It is. I have two cousins; one is ten years older than me, one is five years older than me, when I was adolescent, there was

A cousin is married, and the cousin is still lovely. But at that time, it was much more straightforward than now, never dare to

The scorpion has a different idea, and even watching a few eyes is embarrassing to see. But what is terrible is that playing at the cousin’s house, I

A small book about the “Guide to Newly Married Sexual Life” was found next to a garbage dump.


At that time, I was still in junior high school. God, I heard about social life, capitalist life, and I have listened to of Leon.

Live, have heard more about a miserable life, and have never heard of any “sex life”. Maybe people who are good at learning, perhaps

There is an innate sense of curiosity, and my interest is much stronger than others. So I am facing this “sex

The small book of life has been turned over many times and looked over and over again.


This is also the first small yellow book in my life. This makes me think about it right away, is sex life a god horse?

Is it all day living naked together? Eating naked? Is drinking water naked? Naked body 24 Hours of life?

The curiosity of “sex” has planted seeds in my heart, and it took a long time to start rooting.


After the third day, when I was in high school, my cousin often took me to the Internet. At that time, I was still playing cs bubble hall.

Such games, of course, legends, and later out of the karting, although my reading results are OK, I am with

Like all naughty students, occasionally they will be licking instant noodles. The most fun memory is the big dice

Shouted: “Boss, give me a bowl of instant noodles, the kind that is spicy.”


And everyone who knows through it knows that the game will be tired after playing in the middle of the night, and some older “old drivers”

I will watch the yellow film, and then please the old driver. When the former driver is happy, he will pass the ten-year pass and then the big one.

The family will watch the yellow film.


The first time I watched a porn, it was called Japanese mature, and the tension was higher than the stimulus, but it was particularly tense. When slowly become old

The driver, relaxed, is gradually attracted by the naked beauty in the picture.

It turns out that women don’t wear clothes like this.


But after all, I was slightly ashamed at that time. I didn’t dare to look at the yellow film.

Sneak out. But I don’t want to go through every time; many times go online during the day because there are so many people, there is no

Looking at the yellow film, I started to look at the yellow novel. After all, the story is so different from the movie screen,

It seems that the “killing power” is much smaller, and it is not easy for others to discover.


But the difference is that the legality of the novel is not worse than the movie, especially my writing skills are excellent.

Every time you read a novel, you will have a strong sense of substitution. I genuinely remember that there are a few “mother and child texts” that make me very incomparable.

Excited. For example, “woman’s love”, “modern mother”, “I love mother and sister.” From this moment on,

I had a desire for my mom, and the plot of “Oedipus” began to thrive.


As the psychologist said, although the nephew is young and beautiful, for the adolescent little boy

Say, that is no way out of reach, a teenager, how can you soak in other women?


So the little boy, who can only touch his mother, then fantasies about the mother, naturally

It’s a matter, of course.


In the following years, the novels of “mother and child” were almost read by me, and a lot of ICQ groups were added.

Hidden inside, listening to the old drivers “talking.”


Later, when I developed to the worst, I even thought that I would like to give my mom a medicine, but I don’t know where to buy it.

Medicine and courage are too small to dare to really. But the ridiculous thing is that I have a good grade in the class and there are also women.

The child likes me, but she never thought about talking about her girlfriend, because the education at that time was not allowed to talk about her girlfriend.

Otherwise, it is a bad boy who “doesn’t have to work hard” to go “squatting.”


So the results are good, almost no one is in love, and my grades are not bad, and it is already very naughty, such as

If I have to accumulate a crime of “falling in love”, then am I not let the teacher down?


In desperation, we can only endure the physical loneliness, and at the same time, we must take the suffering of “love mother”.

Fortunately, at that time, my extracurricular life was quite productive, nothing to look at the NBA, and occasionally look at the American drama (mainly

To learn English). I won’t think about my mom all day.


But then something happened, completely changing the trajectory of life, remember to accompany the reading around 2010.

Up, and we are also considered second-tier cities, and soon caught up with the trend, plus my reading results are OK, Dad will decide

Let my mom accompany me, although Dad can’t talk about the kind of man who is a particular person, and it doesn’t matter.

Responsibility. After all, my reading results are OK. If I don’t pay attention to it, I can’t get a good university.

My grandparents must have killed him.


In this way, even if it is not a wealthy family, but under the general trend, it was forced to let her mother accompany.

But when I first heard that my mom was accompanying me, my instinctive reaction was still “reliable. What is this? I am so strong.”

Do people need to accompany others? ”


But after my father reprimanded, what did you say, your sister did not read, and you would not give me a college entrance exam.

Just go with me.


During adolescence, either rebellious or rebellious, or swallowing, I am too lazy to refute my father’s words.

It’s just that the east ear goes out to the west ear, let it be better.


But after a philosophical thought, I began to overjoy and let my mom accompany me, let me live with my mom sex with her.



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